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Grosvenor Technology

Develops hardware and software that serves the Human Capital Management (HCM) and Access Control (AC) markets globally


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Designs, develops, installs and maintains a diverse range of physical security solutions to a wide range of sectors


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Grosvenor Technology

Grosvenor Technology develops, manufactures and provides Workforce Management and Access Control solutions globally. Delivering more than just secure and smart environments, this market-leading provider also creates custom solutions designed to fit an organisation’s working requirements.


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Trusted by partners for 30 years

Since its founding in 1989, Grosvenor Technology has been serving global markets from strategic locations in the UK and US, honing its expertise and perfecting its solutions to meet the evolving needs of a rapidly changing world.

Longevity and skill

Known for providing state-of-the-art open architecture solutions and partnered relationships that endure, Grosvenor Technology is a powerhouse in both the HCM and AC markets. With the skill and diligence its team provides, the longevity of its clients reaches decades.

High level of service and innovation

From specification to installation, to the ongoing support for legacy products, Grosvenor Technology has an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest level of service and innovation.

Human Capital Management 

As the Human Capital Management (HCM) sector continues to grow, Grosvenor Technology has kept pace.


Grosvenor Technology has developed a full suite of cutting-edge solutions that meet the changing needs of its clients. What started as simple time and attendance tracking, over the years, the company’s offerings have expanded to encompass all aspects of workforce management, enabling higher degrees of employee engagement and productivity.


Advanced hardware, specifically timeclocks, are at the core of Grosvenor’s product portfolio. These formed the foundation of Grosvenor’s offering from the outset, but it was the addition of integrated provisioning software that propelled the solution into the mainstream, where clients were keen to adopt a comprehensive solution to manage their human capital and access control needs.

Access Control 

An advanced access control system is no longer just about opening doors; it’s about creating safe and secure environments and managing the flow of people across multiple sites and diverse geographies.


Grosvenor Technology has been a pioneer in this field since the early days of the electronic security sector. Its first access control system was launched in 1989 and was the first system globally to operate in an MS Windows™ environment. Grosvenor has been at the forefront of innovation for over 30 years, constantly pushing the boundaries to provide the industry with the most cutting-edge solutions.

Cloud Services

Grosvenor Technology created a simplified management protocol with GTConnect. This cloud platform connects  HCM devices with innovative software, building an integrated network. This enables remote diagnostics and data management across all connected devices in real time.


GTConnect is a subscription service designed to streamline Human Capital Management processes and reduce technology and data challenges. 

Clock as a service (CLAAS)

Our business strategy focuses on generating a higher degree of recurring revenues through the promotion of SaaS and further development of our unique Clock as a Service (ClaaS) offering. With ClaaS, hardware, software, and support services are bundled together under a subscription model, providing clients with a convenient and cost-effective solution for managing their HCM needs.


Safetell provides high-quality physical security solutions across the public and private sectors. Safetell adopts a consultative approach to clients, using a combination of standard and bespoke physical security products to provide organisations of all sizes with total peace of mind. The products and services range from Asset Protection, through Building Security and Target Hardening to Counter Terror provisioning.


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Trusted by partners for over 30 years

From its UK headquarters, Safetell has been providing innovative security solutions for over 30 years. Over that time, the landscape has shifted. Where once, retail banks requiring protection from hold-up attacks were commonplace, today’s requirements tend more toward less conspicuous threats.

Reactive & tailored service

As the types of attacks that organisations face have changed over time, customer demands have become more varied and unique, therefore Safetell has evolved to provide a completely tailored service. They do not simply offer ‘standard’ products or services; they work with clients collaboratively to design a complete solution that exactly fulfils the specific requirements of every customer.

Longevity and skill

This approach leads to long-standing relationships, high degrees of customer retention and significant proportions of repeat business. The business serves organisations of all sizes and is particularly proud of the strength of its partnership with many blue-chip clients.

Protecting People, Property & Assets

  • Custom solutions to protect staff and assets
  • Manual attack and ballistic-resistant cash
    counters, windows and moving security screens
  • Bullet-resistant doors and partitions
  • Interlocking door airlocks

Transferring Cash & Assets

  • Customised cash and asset storage and protection
  • Cash and speech transfer units
  • Storage functions to reduce the risk of harm or damage to a secure environment

Secure Entrances

  • Securing buildings with certified Security Portals and Revolving Doors
  • Integrated Speed Lanes to control the flow of staff and visitors to buildings
  • Range of remote locking solutions

Automatic Door Service & Maintenance

  • Door automation and servicing throughout the UK
  • System agnostic, always able to give the best advice on equipment regardless of the make and model
  • Safetell maintains systems for some of the UK’s largest businesses, including High Street banks and national retailers. They count many universities, hospitals, education settings and Government departments among their customers.