UK Access Control Market Driven by Multiple Tailwinds

The UK Access Control sector is being driven by data legislation, quantum leaps in tech, and the ease of wireless systems.


It has never been more critical for enterprises to have complete visibility and control over their facilities. Whether it’s a single office or several sites split over continents, access control systems enable organisations to flexibly control who is coming in and out of their sites, increasing security for sensitive areas and managing flows through buildings.


The Access Control market is a critical component of the broader electronic security market, which will see its value rise to more than $21 billion by 2030, according to figures released in May from Market Research Future. The Access Control sector is predicted to grow across all major markets over the next decade, and the UK is no exception.


As well as benefitting from the increasing adoption of wireless control systems and the proliferation of IoT-based security systems, a report released in July 2022 from Emergen Research noted: “The European market is expected to register a significantly steady revenue growth rate for the forecast period. The UK Data Service offers three degrees of data access, which is expected to drive market revenue growth in this region.


“Users must register to access protected data under end user license and their consent to a number of terms, including prohibition on disclosing any identifying or private information of people, households, or organisations and prohibition on using the data to seek out information particularly pertaining to an identifiable individual. This is expected to increase demand for access control systems substantially.”


As the research outlines, stringent data protection laws are driving increased demand for access control hardware and software in the UK. But other industry trends are also having an impact. They include:


Cloud-based platforms

Increasingly, businesses want to take advantage of the many advantages offered by cloud-based platforms. Running your access control on a cloud platform will allow your business complete visibility over multiple sites and access across numerous devices. You’ll also get real-time insights and data – allowing you to make informed decisions – and updates are rolled out automatically, meaning no downtime to your access control.


There has been a sharp rise in demand for ‘Access Control as a Service’, which companies rely on to operate their access control technology systems. It is suitable for all estates, from single doors to multiple sites. Globally, the value of the Access Control as a Service market is predicted to hit $2.1 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 14.7% from 2022 to 2027, according to Lucintel.


Biometric technology

Biometrics, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, have evolved from a niche product into a widely used technology in the business and consumer worlds. Biometrics have long been utilised in highly sensitive areas, such as government and military settings, but are now widely used across all types of businesses and enterprises for identification and authentication purposes. The ubiquity of smart devices has also made access control technology far more accessible over the last decade.


Wireless access control

Previously, installing an access control system would have meant installing reams of wiring and expensive maintenance costs. Now, businesses and other enterprises can introduce a wireless system that requires minimal installation and upkeep. According to Emergen, “increasing adoption of wireless access control systems is driving market growth revenue.”


Why Grosvenor Technology?

Very few businesses have the pedigree and expertise of Grosvenor Technology in the Access Control space. Access control is in our DNA; we were the first UK manufacturer to offer an Access Control front-end in a Windows environment. Since then, Grosvenor Technology has developed into a leading innovator in the security sector, providing hundreds of enterprises across the globe with our range of access control software and hardware, as well as first-class customer support.


Our Janus C4 hardware has unlimited scalability, making it perfect for single door security or large-scale deployments. Grosvenor’s innovative blade control means you can manage up to eight doors from a single controller. Janus C4 is an end-to-end solution with software that unifies your security management needs and delivers real-time data and insights. And with plug and play technology, you can integrate the Janus C4 into your existing security systems.