Entrance control market set for “robust” growth – here’s why

Entrance control systems are an often unnoticed but critical part of public security. Speed gates, turnstiles, security doors, and portals are all critical components of everyday security. Operating quietly in the background, they regulate the flow of individuals, ensuring safety in spaces we encounter daily – airports, offices, public areas, and more.


Their indispensable role is shown by new figures that say the value of the entrance control systems market is set to enjoy significant growth over the coming years. A market forecast from Verified Market Reports predicts its value will increase from $2.65 billion in 2023 to $3.7 billion by 2030, representing a robust compound annual growth (CAGR) rate of 3.6%. 


The report noted the trends driving the increase in demand: “Technological advances and the increasing focus on security measures are driving the dynamic evolution of the global pedestrian entrance control systems market. 


“The environment is changing due to advancements in contactless technology, biometric authentication, and integration with smart infrastructure. As urbanisation and security concerns grow, the industry is seeing a spike in demand for sophisticated, effective entrance control systems to guarantee seamless and safe pedestrian access.”


A report from Persistence Market Research suggests more bullish growth, from $2.8 billion in 2023 to $5.29 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 6.6%, with North America (27.6%) and Europe (21.5%) accounting for the two largest global markets. 


What’s behind the growth?


Here, we’ll look at some of the main factors driving growth in the entrance control systems market. 


Security concerns: With the rise in security threats globally, there is a growing need for enhanced security measures. Entrance control systems, such as speed gates, turnstiles, and security doors, prevent unauthorised access, ensure public safety, and protect sensitive areas from potential threats.


Technology advancements: Ongoing technological advancements play a crucial role in the growth of entrance control systems. The integration of cutting-edge technologies such as biometrics, RFID, and AI enhances the efficiency and accuracy of these systems, making them more attractive to a wide range of industries.


Compliance: Stringent regulations and compliance requirements related to security and access control are driving organisations to invest in robust entrance control solutions. Industries such as aviation, government, and critical infrastructure must adhere to security standards, further boosting the demand for advanced entrance control systems.


Urbanisation and infrastructure development: The rapid pace of urbanisation and infrastructure development worldwide necessitates implementing effective entrance control measures. Public areas, transportation hubs, and commercial complexes integrate advanced entrance control systems to manage the flow of people efficiently and ensure a secure environment.


Cybersecurity: As entrance control systems become more interconnected and digitised, there is an increased awareness of the potential cybersecurity threats associated with these systems. This awareness drives investments in secure, resilient entrance control solutions that can withstand cyber-attacks and unauthorised access attempts.


Customisation and integration: Organisations seek entrance control solutions that can seamlessly integrate into their security infrastructure. The demand for customisable and scalable entrance control systems tailored to specific needs and environments contributes to market growth.


Economic growth: Positive economic growth in various regions leads to increased security measures budgets. Governments, enterprises, and organisations are allocating resources to enhance their security infrastructure, including investments in advanced entrance control systems.


Public health concerns: The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened concerns about public health and safety. Entrance control systems incorporating features such as contactless access and temperature screening are gaining importance in mitigating the spread of infectious diseases, contributing to the market’s growth.


What entrance control products are in demand?


Several entrance control products and technologies are in high demand, fuelling the growth of the overall market. They include: 


Full-height turnstiles

Installed at entry points, full-height turnstiles provide a robust barrier to control access to secure areas. They are commonly used in high-security environments like stadiums, critical infrastructure facilities, and research institutions, offering a strong deterrent against unauthorised entry.


Speed gates

Combining a sleek design with efficiency, speed gates are deployed in locations where a balance between security and user experience is vital. Examples include corporate offices, luxury establishments, and transportation hubs. Speed gates allow for swift, controlled access while blending seamlessly with modern infrastructure. 


Security doors

Acting as the first line of defence, security doors integrate seamlessly into various environments, such as office buildings, airports, and public venues. These doors are equipped with advanced access control technologies to ensure only authorised individuals can enter. Their versatility makes security doors a practical choice for enhancing security without compromising the overall look of the surroundings.


Security portals

As one of the most advanced entrance control security measures, security portals incorporate features like biometric authentication, temperature screening, and AI-driven security protocols. These portals provide a comprehensive solution for high-traffic areas, government facilities, and research laboratories. They address security and public health concerns with a multi-layered approach to access control.


Trust in Safetell


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