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Founded in 1989, Grosvenor Technology serves the Human Capital Management and Access Control markets globally from its locations in the UK and US.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

From simple ‘clocking in’ to capture Time and Attendance, through broader Workforce Management requirements, the HCM sector has evolved to provide full-suite solutions for higher degrees of employee engagement and productivity.

Grosvenor Technology has evolved too. Providing state of the art hardware in the form of ‘Timeclocks’ has always been at the heart of our product portfolio, and provisioning software has increasingly become an integral part of the offering.

Access Control​ (AC)

A contemporary access control system means so much more than simply opening a door. Advanced AC systems are capable of providing safe and secure environments and managing the flow of people across multiple sites and diverse geographies.

Grosvenor Technology can trace its roots back to the early days of the electronic security sector. We launched our first access control system in 1989. It was the first AC system globally to operate in an MS Windows™ environment and for over 30 years the business has remained at the forefront of innovation.

Grosvenor Technology GT Clocks Logos

The Human Capital Management business operates as GT Clocks in North America and Grosvenor Technology in the rest of the world.

Human Capital Management

The ‘timeclock’ or ‘terminal’ is often the only point an employee interacts with a HCM system. Put simply, hardware matters. We design and manufacture a range of HCM hardware to suit every environment and budget.

Whether clients require a simple ‘badge-in-badge-out’ unit, or a fully featured touchscreen device with options for a variety of biometric options, we have an offering that fits the bill.

Terminals see high use and are ‘always on’, often being deployed in harsh environments. Our hardware has longevity designed in utilising industrial grade componentry, a modular build approach and a philosophy of sustainability providing long product life cycles and low lifetime costs.

GT Services – Software as a Service

For five decades Grosvenor Technology has provided a variety of allied services and software to our HCM clients, adding-value, reducing cost and minimising down-time. As technology has evolved, this offering has become more sophisticated and all-encompassing, and is now provided under a subscription model, often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS).

The business has a strategy to generate a higher degree of recurring revenues through the promotion of this SaaS model, and also further develop its unique Clock as a Service (ClaaS) offering, where the hardware, software and support services are bundled and provisioned under a subscription model.

Access Control

An access control system can often be the critical central core of end users’ building management system. With integrations into other security and life safety systems, and the ability to manage energy usage efficiently, Grosvenor Technology AC offerings represent the epitome of a modern ‘security management system’.

The business offers two software platforms, ‘Sateon Advance’ and ‘Janus C4’ catering for all customers’ needs, from a single door system to an enterprise estate covering many buildings and thousands of users across the globe.

Both platforms share a class leading range of modular ‘Advance’ hardware that allows the delivery of intuitive, scalable solutions. A range of AC ‘blades’ can be mixed, matched and deployed in either single or multi-controllers.

Advance hardware is also supplied to clients as an OEM and has been designed to be easily integrated into other existing AC software platforms, creating further recurring revenue opportunity for the business.

Director Profiles

Marie-Claire Dwek


Marie-Claire is responsible for setting and implementing corporate strategy and ensuring Grosvenor Technology’s goals are aligned with those of the broader global group. She adopts a philosophy of leading from the front and takes an active role with customers and the broader industry alike.

We have a long history of working with our global clients to create smart, safe and secure environments for their people and their data.

Colin Leatherbarrow, Managing Director of Grosvenor Technology