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Our Strategy

“To help address some of the major challenges facing corporations in an environment of ever-increasing global security concerns and add value for all of our stakeholders through partnership and innovation.”

Security has evolved. Once, providing security for employees, staff and visitors meant providing a safe physical environment. Today that environment includes and extends beyond physical security to online as people are equally concerned about the security of their data and identity.

Newmark plans to continue its strategy of investing heavily in research and development allowing the Company to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the highest levels of secure technologies for its customers. The Company is continually innovating in fields such as biometrics, cloud services and mobile authentication to ensure its products are at the forefront of the sectors it operates in.

We will realise this mission by continuing to develop exceptional and secure products and services backed up by industry leading support.

Generating long-term, recurring revenue streams is part of an overarching strategy that is dedicated to building a business that has stability and sustainability at its core.

Marie-Claire Dwek